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Why 3CIOs

Your IT team may be great at keeping the IT “lights on,” but they don’t necessarily have the talent to align your business objectives with the technology universe.  3CIOs offers the high-level technology advice your company needs, at the volume you need it.  3CIOS is focused specifically on the well-being of your business. Because of our long-term relationship with your company, we act more like a member of your team than as a consultant.

We have direct experience in a wide variety of brand specialties: from QSR to Fine Dining; from single stores to global brands; private and public; company owned or franchised. Our three CIO partners have over 50 years combined in executive technology leadership; specializing in restaurants, retail, hotel and other hospitality segments.  The team has held the top technology positions at Hard Rock, Yardhouse, BJ's Brewhouse, ShakeShack, Sonny's BBQ, Stacked, and others,


It's About Value

You don’t always need technology strategist, so why pay for a full-time CIO when you don’t need one?

There is a threshold where adding to the executive team makes sense.  Your company doesn’t want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a full-time, top CIO, when the opportunities to take full advantage of their skills aren’t constantly there (paying a top CIO to fix your printer isn’t the best use of the salary they demand).  3CIOs fits this scenario perfectly, now you can hire a part-time CIO and only pay for top-dollar work and leave the printer fixing to someone a bit more affordable.



The 3CIOs



Joe Tenczar

Joe has been the Chief Information Officer for Sonny’s BBQ, one of the largest and most popular barbecue restaurant companies in the country, since 2014. Tenczar joined Sonny’s BBQ with a focus on creating the franchise restaurant technology blueprint of the future.  His specialties include a strategic focus on emerging technology’s place in hospitality and understanding the overall tactical hospitality technology necessities. Tenczar also led the Marketing, Finance & Accounting, and Purchasing areas for Sonny’s.

Before Sonny’s BBQ, Tenczar was the CIO for Hard Rock International, where he led the R&D and global rollout of many innovative technologies that affect the Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel guests and staff members.

After beginning his career as a programmer and manager for financial software companies, Tenczar was a senior technology leader for the second largest arm of the Marriott Corporation.  He then joined Ripley’s Entertainment as VP of Technology during the construction of their Great Wolf Lodge in Niaga ra Falls, Canada. During his tenure, Tenczar helped pioneer the use of RFID technology into POS and PMS systems for the benefit of guest security and convenience.

    Tenczar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science from the University of Florida and a Masters of Business Administration from the Crummer Business School at Rollins College.  He sits on the executive advisory boards for the following: Central Florida Society for Information Managers, Hospitality Technology Magazine, IFBTA, MURTEC, FSTEC, and several cutting-edge hospitality technology companies



    • Technology Innovation
    • Corporate Technology Alignment
    • Marketing Systems
    • Disruptive Change Management
    • Franchise Business
    • Business Intelligence
    • Technology Valuation
    • Technology Contract Review
    • System Design/ Integration
    • Application Development 
    • Agile Project Management (certified Scrummaster)
    • Process Improvement
    • Budgeting/ Forecasting



    Phil Crawford

    Phil has served as Shake Shack’s Vice President of Information Technology since June 2014. Mr. Crawford has over 15 years of restaurant information technology experience. Prior to joining Shake Shack, Mr. Crawford was the Chief Information Officer of My Fit Foods. While at My Fit Foods, Mr. Crawford was instrumental in restructuring the information technology department, introducing and developing new technologies to the growing healthy meal chain.

    Prior to My Fit Foods, Mr. Crawford was the Chief Information Officer of Yard House Restaurants, where he formed and led the Information Technology department. During his tenure, he spearheaded all of the technological innovations and initiatives as well as assisted with the expansion from four units when he began to over forty five units when Yard House was acquired by Darden Restaurants, Inc.

    Mr. Crawford began his career in the hospitality and restaurant industry early on, where he has held several managerial and senior positions within the respective sector throughout the years. Mr. Crawford attained his MBA and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration



    • Business Analysis
    • Business Intelligence
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Cloud Computing/ SaaS
    • Customer Engagement
    • Digital Media
    • Disaster Recovery
    • E-Commerce
    • Enterprise Software
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Mobile Applications
    • Network Security
    • Social Media



    Brian Pearson

    Brian has led dynamic IT organizations for startup, growth, franchise, and mature public restaurant companies. Brian’s IT development began in the US Army, where he studied cryptography and telecommunications management. He has also led the technology organizations for Ruby’s DinerBJ’s Restaurants, and recently STACKED Restaurants, LLC.

    At both Ruby’s Diner and BJ’s Restaurants, Brian had to build solutions from the ground up, integrating POS, KDS, HRIS, ERP and numerous other in store and above store technologies to achieve the company's strategic agenda. At BJ’s he also led the Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI implementations from ground up.

    Brian is an IT leader with a foundation in Operations. He was a general manager for both Chart House and Island’s Restaurants, and he remains extremely attentive to Operational considerations.



    • Business Process Automation
    • PCI Compliance and Management
    • Startup Management and Resource sourcing
    • Application Integration
    • Product Evaluation