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Day Two at CES begins

Okay, I haven't gone back yet and edited my earlier posts (other than to add a couple of photos). I wanted to by now, but thought it would be better to just add stuff.  

Out from of the LVCC and next to the big Gibson Guitars tent (which I am still a sucker for even though I no longer work for Hard Rock...nor really play guitar much anymore) is the "Here" pop-up shop,  It was actually kind of accidental that I went in there, but was the Virgin Hyperloop One out front and just HAD to take a look.  Here is a company I don't remember hearing about, but it is my second favorite area (after Eureka Park) so far!  You really have to hit the Website to fully understand all they do, but essentially they are a mapping data company that takes advantage of sooooo much data that my head was spinning half way through the building.  They are planning how drones will interact with the real world when delivering goods; they are taking real time data from cars that show wheels spinning because of ice and sending to all other cars in the area as a safety warning; they are working on the Hyperloop for Pete's sake!!  Check it out www.here.com, you will most definitely here (sic) of these guys in the future.


One thing I forgot to share yesterday from Eureka Park was the coolest named product ever, TENZR (so close to may last name).  Without knowing what they did, I just had to stop and see if the company was founded by one of my long lost relatives.  Come to find out, it wasn't.  But, it was a very cool wrist strap that senses the tendons and ligaments in your wrist to detect how you are moving your hand.  After some discussion about heat resistance, I proposed the use case of KDS-control using this device.  TENZR is a B2B company just starting out, but would love to see a POS or KDS company R&D this thing.  I'd help...you could call the project the "Joe/TENZR."


More to come...  - Joe

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